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Premium finance brokerage, llc

Premium Finance Brokerage is the largest aggregator of commercial insurance premium financing in the nation. We set high organizational expectations and demand excellence in all of our endeavors. Our goal is simple: we strive to deliver the best premium finance experience in the industry and promise to never lose the passion to satisfy the needs of our customers, insurance agents and brokers across the country. To learn about the insurance premium finance industry or read more about Premium Finance Brokerage, click here.

Premium Finance Brokerage is keenly aware of the needs in our community. Our corporate initiative of supporting causes that impact the lives of others helps to create a stronger environment for people to prosper. By giving back, we strengthen and empower individuals who are less fortunate. By supporting Project TILTTING, we are helping to protect lives from one of nature's most violent forces - tornadoes - while also supporting the educational development of the students involved in the project.

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AccuWeather®, recognized and documented as the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings in the world, has saved tens of thousands of lives, prevented hundreds of thousands of injuries and tens of billions of dollars in property damage. With global headquarters in State College, PA and other offices around the world, AccuWeather serves more than 1.5 billion people daily to help them plan their lives and get more out of their day through digital media properties, such as the AccuWeather.com® website and AccuWeather mobile application, as well as radio, television, newspapers, and the 24/7 AccuWeather Network channel and AccuWeather NOWTM streaming service. AccuWeather For Business serves more than half of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of businesses globally. 

AccuWeather produces and distributes news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites. Among AccuWeather’s many innovative and award-winning features available free to the public are MinuteCast® forecasts with Minute by Minute® updates and Superior Accuracy ™, the patented AccuWeather RealFeel® temperature and current conditions, and AccuWeather RealImpact™ scale for Hurricanes.  Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, established AccuWeather in 1962 and is considered the “father of modern commercial meteorology.” Dr. Myers, a leading creative thinker and visionary, has been named “the most accurate man in weather” by The New York Times and one of the top entrepreneurs in American history by Entrepreneur’s Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs.

AccuWeather recognizes the importance of accuracy and timely warnings to prevent injury and save lives. This involves providing clear and true communication to the public, while continuing the mission of public safety. We have offered TILTTING a corporate sponsorship, as the data acquired through their research will continue and further enhance the success of our mission.

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The entire EPAWA Weather Consulting Coverage area.

EPAWA Weather consulting

EPAWA Weather Consulting LLC is both a private and public sector forecasting company. They have public forecasts for New Jersey, Delaware, the Eastern half of Pennsylvania, northern Maryland, and the eastern Maryland shore along with private clients and premium weather services people can subscribe to.

EPAWA's support comes with a virtual storm chasing experience! The newest addition to the EPAWA lineup is a live stream platform on YouTube that 'nowcasts' storms. This is a major addition for both EPAWA and the research project, as it allows people to get a virtual sense of storm chasing while understanding what is happening on the radar as well. Chief Meteorologist Bobby Martrich will be explaining model guidance, radar data, and different camera angles provided by the research team to fully comprehend both severe weather and the project itself.

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Millersville University is Storm Ready!

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Millersville University's CDRE

The Center for Disaster Research and Education (CDRE) takes great pride in its association with a number of educational and research projects across the nation. The CDRE has been involved in a variety of community-based research projects including the development of disaster plans, state hazard mitigation planning, business community branding, and education. To read more about MU-CDRE click here.

This sponsorship will allow TILTTING to have the opportunity to conduct this study focused on the formation of tornadoes which has the potential to improve our formation mechanisms of these systems. This multi-faceted project has the potential to go on to collaborate with universities and governmental organizations while improving what is known about tornadoes. MU-CDRE's corporate sponsorship has given those involved in TILTTING the opportunity to make new discoveries as Millersville University undergraduate students.

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Visual representation on how the miniature radiosondes work during deployment.

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Sparv embedded

Sparv Embedded is a Swedish company that specializes in the development of miniature embedded sensor electronics. Their miniature radiosonde, named Windsond, is revolutionizing meteorological research. The Windsond has been involved in a variety of research projects including the NASA's IMPACTS project, NOAA's TORUS, and many more. To read more about Sparv Embedded click here.

Windsond is the flagship product of the privately held company Sparv Embedded. Compared to the classic radiosondes, Windsonds do not require the assembly of stationary equipment which allows for mobility in the field. The project's data collection is centered around the Windsond, giving researchers the ability to remain safe by avoiding the tornado's path. Our first Corporate Patron, Sparv Embedded, has given those involved in TILTTING the opportunity to make new discoveries by providing their instrumentation to use for data collection.

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WeatherWorks has led the industry in private weather consulting since 1986, providing timely, accurate, and dependable meteorological services to clients in both the private and public sector. Our sound meteorological advice and customized services are vital in each of our client's decision-making processes to achieve an efficient and cost-effective operation.

WeatherWorks understands the importance of continued education and advancement. We provide support to encourage employees to consistently further their knowledge and meteorological expertise through research and seminars. Additionally, client outreach and training, including presenting at numerous industry-related conferences around the country, is another avenue for WeatherWorks to enhance its goal of providing accurate meteorological information that ultimately promotes overall safety. We believe our sponsorship with TILTTING will continue this mission.

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