Millersville CDRE

Millersville University's CDRE

The Center for Disaster Research and Education (CDRE) takes great pride in its association with a number of educational and research projects across the nation. The CDRE has been involved in a variety of community-based research projects including the development of disaster plans, state hazard mitigation planning, business community branding and education.

The Center's faculty and students conduct research on various issues related to disasters, mitigation and planning. The CDRE has been involved in research funded through the National Science Foundation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and in collaboration with other academic research centers.

This sponsorship will allow TILTTING to have the opportunity to conduct this study focused on the formation of tornadoes which has the potential to improve our formation mechanisms of these systems. This multi-faceted project has the potential to go on to collaborate with universities and governmental organizations while improving what is known about tornadoes. MU-CDRE's corporate sponsorship has given those involved in TILTTING the opportunity to make new discoveries as Millersville University undergraduate students.