Rhiannon Cahoe

Student Research Meteorologist specializing in:

Data Analysis, Finances, Forecasting, Instrumentation, and Outreach.

Meteorological Accolades:

  • Millersville University Class of 2023 Meteorology Major

    • Pursuing minors in Mathematics and Photography

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member

  • Research Assistant for Millersville University’s PVUE Project 2021-2022

  • Student Member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)

  • Member of Millersville University's American Meteorological Society Student Chapter (MU-AMS)


Rhiannon Cahoe is from Elverson, PA. Since childhood, she always found weather fascinating and is always ready to learn more about the atmosphere and how weather happens. A dream of hers is to storm chase and photograph storms as a side job one day. After graduating, she would like to go into severe weather research and create a photography business. Outside of school, Rhiannon enjoys being active by doing activities like hiking, snowboarding, exploring, going to the gym, fishing, hunting, and running. She also enjoys playing softball and is the founding member of Millersville University’s Club Softball Team.

While completing this project, Rhiannon has experience with the Windsond interface and will help to lead and facilitate the Windsond deployment operations in the field, while also capturing the raw beauty of the storms. Once the balloons have been launched for data collection, Rhiannon will not only photograph the storms but she will also be in charge of making sure the live stream is running smoothly. Once the field research is complete Rhiannon will aid in the completion of the data analysis for this project.



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