Meet The Team

Kyle Elliott

  • Millersville University's Weather Information Center Director

  • BS in Meteorology 2014 from Millersville University, MS in Meteorology 2016 from Penn State University


After graduating from Millersville University in 2014 with his Bachelor's degree in meteorology and Penn State University in 2016 with his Master’s in meteorology, Kyle worked at AccuWeather for nearly 4 years as an operational forecaster. He then joined Millersville Meteorology as the Weather Information Center (WIC) Director in fall 2021. His primary focus is on weather analysis, media meteorology and the development of Internet weather resources. An expert forecaster, he has been quoted in newspapers and magazines and has composed forecasts for TV and radio broadcasts. Since returning to Millersville, Kyle has been busy renovating the Millersville Earth Sciences and WIC webpages, along with giving twice-daily map discussions and producing written and streaming video forecasts. Kyle serves as the local expert on meteorology in southern Pennsylvania and frequently assists reporters with weather-related stories. Kyle lives in York, PA, about 40 minutes west of Millersville. If he’s not busy tracking severe thunderstorms or predicting snowfall accumulations, he’s probably biking, golfing, fishing, hiking or singing karaoke to his favorite songs.

While on TILTTING, Kyle will be the team's professional leader and mentor who will assist in data collection and analysis, as well as position the team for successful tornado intercepts. Kyle also has extensive knowledge of cloud types and will teach the students how to recognize convective initiation and supercell formation. Kyle will help other members of the team recognize convective initiation and supercell formation.

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