Meet The Team

Gabriel Keller

Student Research Meteorologist specializing in:

Data Analysis, Finances, Forecasting, Instrumentation, Outreach, Public Relations and Video.

Meteorological Accolades:

  • Millersville University Class of 2024 Meteorology Major

  • Millersville Campus Weather Service forecaster for two semesters

  • Penn State Campus Weather Service forecaster for two semesters

  • Member of Millersville University's American Meteorological Society Student Chapter (MU-AMS)

  • Member of Millersville University's Weather Balloon Launch Team

  • Certified SKYWARN Spotter


Gabriel (Gabe) currently resides in Harrisburg, PA. Ever since he transferred to Millersville University during the Fall Term of 2021, Gabe has become heavily involved in forecasting and research for Millersville. He is an avid storm chaser, having been on several chases, including a 10-day chase trip in the High Plains during the summer of 2021. Gabe hopes to go on more chases in the future as a means to help improve his forecasting skills. Outside of meteorology, Gabe enjoys playing baseball, soccer, and softball. Additionally, he also enjoys listening to music and playing video games with friends. Gabe is a very energetic, hands-on learner in all aspects and is excited to take that drive and apply it to the TILTTING project.

While completing the field research for this project, Gabe will be an alternate on the Chase Team, as well as assisting in launching the Windsonds, keeping track of the thermodynamic parameters making up the surrounding environment, launching the TILTTING-23 probe via drone, and monitoring the data being collected from each instrument.

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