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Rising Sun, MD & Mullica Hill, NJ

September 1, 2021

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Inspiration for the acronym TILTTING:

TILTTING is not only an acronym but also a play on words in Atmospheric Dynamics. In the vorticity equation below (photo courtesy of Dr. Alex DeCaria of Millersville University), there are six essential terms. One of these terms, term E, is called the Twisting/ Tilting term which helps determine vortex tube stretching in the atmosphere. Being that this term is essential to tornado development, it is only fitting that the project is named for such a term. The acronym TILTTING (Thermodynamic Investigation of LCL Thresholds during Tornadogenesis and its Influence in the Northeast and Great plains) simply adds a second T the term to have it be both a scientific acronym and a play on words.

Atmospheric Dynamics 1 lesson 13 notes, Equation 3 from Dr. Alex DeCaria of Millersville University.

Millersville meteorology students chase New Jersey tornado, catch footage

As the remnants of Hurricane Ida moved through the Mid-Atlantic, a tornado outbreak unfolded across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, with one of the strongest tornadoes touching down in southern New Jersey. A group of local meteorology students -- Ryan Argenti, Shane Martrich, Sam Leppo, John Aytch, and Evan Newman -- all had the same idea as Ida approached: to chase it! All five meteorology students attend the Millersville University Atmospheric Science program. In the wake of the system and after witnessing the destruction, these student meteorologists worked together to create a tornado research project to help improve tornado warning lead times, enhance severe weather forecasting techniques, and save lives. Click the links below to read and watch the students' footage of the Mullica Hill, NJ, tornado.

5 original storm chasers that started TILTTING

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